Six things we learned about what Canadians eat, drink and smoke

Settling the crucial question: What’s yummier—poutine, maple syrup or lobster?

Elissa Gurman
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Poutine at La Belle Province restaurant in Montreal, Canada. (dbimages/Alamy)
Poutine at La Belle Province restaurant in Montreal, Canada. (dbimages/Alamy)

For The Canada Project, we surveyed 1,500 people for their views on a wide range of issues including the things that pass by their lips. In partnership with Abacus Data, we asked respondents about their views on credit cards, tipping and charity. Here are six results worth noting:

1. We’re not sure about marijuana at the corner store

Canadians are divided as to whether marijuana should be sold in convenience stores in Canada. Twenty-four per cent could accept this, 24 per cent support it, and 51 per cent oppose it. Millennials are most likely to back convenience store weed (38%) while Boomers (17 per cent) are less likely to be keen.

2. We’re also not sure about going to the corner for smokes

Canadians are unsure whether tobacco products should continue to be sold in convenience stores: 55 per cent say yes, while 45 per cent say no. Only in Atlantic Canada does the majority, by a one percent margin, think cigarettes and other tobacco products should be dropped from the stores.

3. Most of us drink, but only a little

Twenty-nine percent of Canadians drink an alcoholic beverage a few times a week, while 27 per cent indulge a few times a month. Only 15 per cent do not drink at all. Boomers are the heaviest drinkers and men are more likely to consume than women.

4. We’re not patriotic drinkers

Forty-one per cent of Canadians’ favourite alcohol brands are made in Canada. But Albertans (31 per cent), Quebecers (33%) and immigrants (32 per cent) are less likely to prefer Canadian booze.

5. We don’t toke

Despite all of the fuss about legalizing marijuana, 84% of Canadians don’t even smoke it. Millennials, however, are more likely to get high (27 per cent smoke at least a few times a year).

6. We love fried stuff with gravy

Thank you, Quebec! The most loved Canadian foods are poutine (21%) and maple syrup (14 per cent). Millennials really love poutine: 43 per cent selected it as their favourite. Boomers are a bit more refined; while they also love maple syrup, it’s tied for first place with lobster.