Canada by the numbers: tattooed patriots and brown baggers

British Columbia: Vancouverites still haven’t forgiven the Stanley Cup rioters. A recent Angus Reid poll found 85 per cent of residents believe the police probe into riot-related offences should continue. Not only that, but 56 per cent of people there think the city’s reputation is still tarnished.

Alberta: Albertans love their cars, but an Angus Reid survey suggests they have some poor driving habits. When asked, 76 per cent of respondents have seen drivers multi-tasking (putting on makeup, texting) while driving, and 73 per cent have seen drivers run red lights—the highest rate in the country.

Manitoba: People in Manitoba are the most in love with Canada’s flag. An Ipsos Reid survey found 36 per cent of people there would consider getting a tattoo of the Maple Leaf somewhere on their body, tying only Saskatchewan in their devotion.

Ontario: Seat belts? Check. Snacks? Check. Rest for Dad? Not often. An Angus Reid poll found one-third of Ontario fathers admit to nodding off behind the wheel on long drives. Nearly one-quarter also admitted they have swerved because they were tired, and almost one-third said they worried about getting their family into an accident.

Quebec: While most Canadians (61 per cent) splurge by going out for lunch at least once a week, typically spending between $7 and $13, Quebecers are by far the most frugal. According to a recent survey by Visa Canada, half of people in Quebec say they brown bag it every day.

P.E.I.: A nationwide survey of small business owners found confidence in the economy is at a three-year low, but businesses on Prince Edward Island are the least confident of all. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business confidence index fell to 52.7 in P.E.I. in July, down from 59.5 in June and well below Canada’s overall 60.9.

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