The Phoenix pay system's days are numbered. Here's why it has to go.

The federal government revealed plans to move on to a new setup in the 2018 budget

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This Phoenix will not be rising. The federal government’s beleaguered payroll system, which has resulted in thousands of employees being underpaid, overpaid or simply not paid at all, was sentenced to the chopping block in the 2018 budget.

The IT project, initiated by the previous Conservative government primarily as a cost-saving measure and launched by the Liberals in 2016, has already vastly outflown its initial budget. A sum of $460 million had already been committed to implement and fix Phoenix, and the budget adds another $431 million. But it also earmarks $16 million to pay to find “a way forward for a new pay system.”

Here’s what’s wrong with the government’s very expensive new pay system.