Twitter reacts to Rob Ford ruling

Online responses to the decision

Twitter responds to Rob Ford ruling

Rob Ford has won his appeal, which means he’ll be Mayor of Toronto for at least two more years. Here’s how Twitter followed the case this morning:

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There was a giddy mix of anticipation and (for some) nervousness as the minutes counted down:
T minus Rob Ford decision #TOpoliLindsay Tsuji
Here is the view waiting for Mayor Rob Ford when he comes off City Hall elevator #TOpoli Peat
Rob Ford and Robbie Burns both trending on Twitter in #Toronto #TOpoliDon Peat
Today a court may remove Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto, which would make the city about 200% less hilarious, but also 200% better governed.Bruce Arthur
Anxiously waiting for the Rob Ford decision like it’s my own job on the line. Butterflies in my stomach. #TOpoliJaclyn Tersigni
Reporters were on the alert for signs and signals:
Richard Ciano, Ford campaign manager Nick Kouvalis’s partner, just tweeted: "Good day today." #topoliDaniel Dale
Just a little after 10 a.m., Sun News reporter Faith Goldy tweeted “Ford wins appeal.”
Reports: Ford wins appeal. #topoliFaith Goldy
@FaithGoldy Says whose reports?Stuart Henderson
can someone substantiate? RT @Faithgoldy Reports: Ford wins appeal. #topoliLaura-Louise T.
Hints are out there that Ford won the appeal. This tweet is going to look awesome or ridiculous in 6 minutes #TOPoliMatt McNama
And while some tweeps dismissed the unsubstantiated report, others just watched the clock: 
Appeal decision will made public in 2 minutes #Ford has known his fate for about an hour #topoliJoey Viezner
Tick tock to Ford’o’clock! #TOpoli #FordCourtMichael McArthur
Finally, news of the decision: 
ford is…. #topoliElle Flanders
Moment of truth… #Topoli #FordAllie Price
Mayor Rob Ford wins #TOpoliDon Peat
And the reaction: 
OH FFS! RT @CityNews: #BREAKING: Mayor #Ford remains in office after winning appeal #topoliMichelle Blackwell
Well, booo-urns. Rob Ford wins appeal and is around for 2 more years. sigh #topoliPaul Kutasi
Rob Ford, please share your elixir of invulnerability. #TOpoliRyan Reid
At the end of the day it really makes no difference. Rob Ford remains Mayor of our fair city in title only #topoliAdam Weitner
NOOOOOOO RT @TorontoSun #BREAKING: Rob Ford ruling overturned, mayor to keep job #Fordict #TOpoliKristin MH
Rob Ford will return after these messages. #topoli #2014ak
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