Video: Cheers and jeers as Doug Ford joins mayoral debate

Doug Ford sells himself as a partner in Ford Nation's touted achievements

TORONTO — As Rob Ford begins recuperating at home from chemotherapy, his older brother has firmly taken his place in the Toronto’s mayoral race.

A rowdy crowd served up loud cheers and jeers last night as Doug Ford faced off against his main rivals with many of the same promises offered by his famous brother.

Doug Ford took his brother’s spot in the municipal competition earlier this month after it was announced that Rob Ford had an abdominal tumour.

The mayor was released from hospital yesterday afternoon after undergoing his first round of chemotherapy.

Ford referenced his brother in many of his arguments, portraying himself as a partner in the municipal measures the mayor has touted as his achievements in the past.

Doug Ford was squaring off against former New Democrat MP Olivia Chow and former Ontario Progressive Conservative party leader John Tory.

Rob Ford has turned into an international celebrity over the past year due to a series of scandals touched off by reports of a video appearing to show him smoking crack cocaine.

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