What's (still) black and white and cute all over?

Giant panda cubs at Toronto Zoo open their eyes, continue to grow

TORONTO — The Toronto Zoo says two giant panda cubs born about eight weeks ago have now partially opened their eyes.

The zoo says the cubs — who were born blind — are now sensitive to light and darkness, and are continuing to grow.

The two baby pandas are also developing stronger voices, with the zoo saying their quiet squeaks have become stronger squawks. The zoo notes it is still a very critical time for the pair. The cubs and their mother, Er Shun, are housed in a maternity den which isn’t open to the public.

November 27

(The Toronto Zoo)

(The Toronto Zoo)

On November 27, the Toronto Zoo noted the cubs had been moved to a larger incubator and alternate spending time with their mother, Er Shun, who is on loan from China. It said Er Shun is feeding her cubs and staff have been increasing her bamboo intake to maintain her milk production. The zoo says the cubs’ diet is being supplemented with formula.

Photos released by the zoo show the cubs have grown their trademark black-and-white fur.

Giant pandas are born blind and the cubs are pink with short, thin white fur. The cubs are about 1/900th of the size of their mother, making them among the smallest newborn mammals compared to their mother.



(Toronto Zoo)

(Toronto Zoo)

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