What's your defining Canadian moment?

Share your stories for a chance to have them featured in Maclean's


This is a big country. And there are a lot us, as in nearly 34 million, living in our 10 provinces and three territories.

Some of us were born here, some of us came here long ago, and others have just arrived. But what defines us as Canadians? For the last five weeks, we’ve invited readers to share their most defining Canadian moment with us. And the response has been overwhelming!

In Ontario, Sheila O’Neill’s moment was watching her daughter carry the Olympic torch while Arnold Hoskyn in British Columbia counts the thrill of singing the national anthem after World War II ended as his. Our Political Editor Paul Wells’ moment was when he picked up a book at a community sale that eventually lead him to investigate the life of an unknown but inspiring Canadian.  My moment took place in a small, recently resettled, Newfoundland outport called Grand Bruit where I was lucky enough to have lived for six months.

There’s still time to send us your moment for a chance to have your story featured in our Canada Day issue of the magazine. Is it the time that tiny flag on your backpack made you welcome in a strange land? Or was it watching your grand-daughter score her first hockey goal? Maybe it was visiting the monument at Vimy Ridge.

The truth is, what it means to be Canadian is different for each and every one of us. So send us your photos! Send us your videos! Send us your report card when you got that A+ in Canadian history! Send them right here.