A run-in with the blind

An Ottawa jogger is suingblind Paralympians for running into her

British Columbia: A Vancouver man is suing the Vancouver police department for injuries he suffered after being bitten by a police dog during his arrest. The massive wound required 100 staples, and cost him both his job and apartment, he says. His lawyers claim the police department repeatedly enlists dogs that are too young and too aggressive for the job.

Saskatchewan: An 18-year-old woman is suing the Regina Police Department for refusing to follow proper procedure during a 1994 police chase—when she was just a baby. She and her mother were hit by an officer in pursuit of a stolen vehicle, apparently leaving her with permanent brain injuries. The woman, whom the police department’s lawyer claims is “leading a normal life,” is seeking compensation for her injuries.

Ontario: An Ottawa jogger is suing two of Canada’s top blind Paralympians for running into her as she ran along the Rideau Canal in 2010. The woman is suing the athletes, who are brothers, for $350,000, saying she has had to undergo hip surgery and will need extensive treatment and therapy for the rest of her life.

Quebec: A Montreal businessman is suing the Quebec provincial police for $100,000, claiming he was wrongly arrested and labelled a terrorist. The former telecommunications sales manager, a Muslim, says he was falsely accused for telling his sales team to “blow away” the competition at a trade show, a phrase police appear to have interpreted literally.

Nova Scotia: The Royal Bank of Canada is suing one of its Halifax account managers for more than $100,000 for creating a fictitious account profile in what he claimed was his brother’s name. RBC says the manager withdrew thousands of dollars from his “brother’s” account and misappropriated the funds for personal use.