Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says people need to be let back into High River

HIGH RIVER, Alta. – The leader of Alberta’s Opposition Wildrose party says it’s time to start letting people back into their homes in the town hardest hit by flooding.

Danielle Smith, who lives in High River, south of Calgary, says displaced resident are at their wit’s end and she can understand why.

She says much of the town is untouched by flooding and she actually defied the mandatory evacuation order for four days — staying in High River to help rescue pets.

The province says as many as 300 people who have refused to evacuate High River in southern Alberta are making a bad situation worse.

Dave Galea (GAHL’-ee-ah) of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency says these people are running out of drinking water and food since rising water hit the town of 13,000 last week.

The province says 80 per cent of the town remains without services and the waste water treatment plant isn’t working.