Canada's former spy watchdog is now a wanted man in Quebec

MONTREAL – The man once entrusted to keep an eye on Canada’s spy agency is now a wanted man.

An arrest warrant is out for Arthur Porter, the former head of the CSIS watchdog agency.

He is among the five people named in arrest warrants issued today by Quebec’s anti-corruption squad, in a case of alleged fraud in the construction of a Montreal mega-hospital.

The others are: former SNC Lavalin senior executives Pierre Duhaime and Riadh Ben Aisa, Yanai Elbaz and Jeremy Morris.

The warrants say the men are wanted on numerous charges — including fraud, breach of trust and document forgery. They say Porter and Elbaz are wanted under suspicion of having accepted bribes from some of the others.

Porter was the director general of the McGill University Hospital Centre when the alleged fraud occurred.

He was also head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, which he joined in 2008 and became the chairman of in 2010.

Porter resigned under suspicious circumstances in 2011, and has since left the country. After that affair, the federal government tightened the screening process for nominees to the intelligence committee.

Quebec’s provincial police anti-corruption squad has made numerous arrests over the last year in relation to ongoing scandals in the construction industry.