Mountie tries to launch class-action harassment lawsuit against RCMP

VANCOUVER – Lawyers for a female RCMP officer are in court today to try and sue the force on behalf of Mounties who say they’ve been harassed on the job.

The long process by RCMP officer Janet Merlo to have the lawsuit declared a class-action case and ultimately heard by a judge began last year.

Merlo alleges she and fellow female members across Canada were subject to gender-based discrimination, bullying and harassment, and that the RCMP failed to ensure that they could work in a safe environment.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

The RCMP has issued denials in several sexual abuse and harassment lawsuits against the force and its officers.

But an internal report released last year in response to the number of high-profile allegations of sexual harassment suggests gender-based harassment was common among the female officers who participated in a study about their experiences.