Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux becomes gunslinging 'Lawman' on weekends

CHENEY, Ont. – Tory MP Pierre Lemieux is a mild-mannered politician in the House of Commons on regular work days, but some weekends he is transformed into a gunslinging lawman of the Wild West.

Lemieux recently joined fellow chap-wearing dudes in the sport of ‘cowboy action shooting,’ coolly emptying the barrels of his Ruger six-shooter into a target.

He calls himself “The Lawman.”

“Cowboy shooting has a theme, so although it’s competitive shooting it’s more than competitive shooting,” Lemieux said in an interview. “I enjoy the shooting aspect of it.”

For four years, Lemieux has competed in the sport, in which competitors dress as gunslingers, take on cowboy aliases and shoot Wild West-era guns at targets.

Competitors are cast in cowboy-themed scenarios, and are scored on speed and accuracy.

“It is a lot of fun, and it’s very satisfying,” says Lemieux. “You get that nice ringing confirmation that you’ve hit the target.”

Lemieux says his real-life occupation was an inspiration for his cowboy pseudonym.

“Aliases are never easy, but because I’m a legislator I thought ‘The Lawman’ was quite apropos,” he said.

His cowboy arsenal includes two Ruger six shooters, a lever-action rifle and a shotgun, all models used by the real lawmen and desperadoes of the Wild West.

The Eastern Ontario Handgun Club, where cowboy action shooting events take place, has an outdoor range located in Lemieux’s riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, which lies just west of the capital.

“There are several people who go to the range who are in my riding,” he says. “It’s a good place to be.”

Lemieux considers the sport a great way to escape.

“It absorbs you and requires your concentration and so you focus on the day and what you’re doing there. Anything else that was on your mind when you arrived disappears.”

“The Stranger,” a fellow cowboy action shooter who asked to be identified only by his cowboy alias, says competitors come from many backgrounds.

“Doctors, lawyers, dentists — it really is just everybody,” he says.

“They live on your street, they could be anywhere. This is what they like to do: they like to dress up and come out with us and shoot old time guns in an old time atmosphere.”

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