Former Vancouver mayor dies at 82

VANCOUVER – Vancouver’s mayor is remembering the life of one of his predecessors, who died today at the age of 82.

A statement from Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says former mayor Art Phillips was a visionary leader and citizen who made an indelible mark on the city.

He says Phillips will be remembered for his contributions to social housing and parks.

Phillips served as the city’s mayor in the 1970s and was responsible for municipal decisions that paved the way for downtown densification, including the fight against a waterfront freeway.

Credited with making Vancouver the liveable city it is today, Robertson awarded Phillips the city’s highest honour in 2010 for his contributions while in office.

Phillips also was elected to the House of Commons, winning a seat for the Liberals in 1979 only to lose it again in 1980.

Phillips is survived by his wife Carole Taylor, who served as British Columbia’s finance minister in the Liberal government of Gordon Campbell.