Kerry non-committal on Keystone pipeline project after meeting with Baird

WASHINGTON – Iran, Syria and the Keystone XL pipeline project were among the topics of a meeting today between Foreign Minister John Baird and his newly appointed American counterpart.

Baird says he appreciated the discussion he had with Secretary of State John Kerry about the controversial Keystone project.

But Kerry wouldn’t publicly indicate what he thinks of the project that has attracted criticism from environmentalists on both sides of the border.

He instead told a news conference that he will await a review process started by his predecessor Hillary Clinton and is promising a decision in the “near term.”

The decision on Keystone is in the hands of the state department because the Keystone project will cross an international border.

Kerry and Baird indicated they were both united on the need to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and to stop the violence in Syria.

Kerry says it’s not too late for Iran’s leaders to reach a diplomatic solution to international concerns about their nuclear program.