BlackBerry introduces services for rival Android, Apple smartphones

WATERLOO, Ont. – BlackBerry (TSX:BB) is launching a business service for corporate and government workers with rival Google Android and Apple smartphones.

It’s called the Secure Work Space, and it allows Apple and Android users to separate their data and work apps, such as email and calendars, from their personal apps bringing a greater level of security.

The business service is a way for BlackBerry to compete with its rivals, which have been eating into its business user base, which is mainly long-term corporate customers. Those deals can be highly lucrative.

BlackBerry announced plans for broadening its business services earlier this year. The new service makes its security features and operating system available to the growing trend of “bring your own device” users who have opted for something other than a BlackBerry phone.

The Waterloo, Ont., company launched its new BlackBerry 10 line of smartphones in January.

BlackBerry announces its fourth-quarter results on Friday.