Maclean's wins Magazine Website of the Year

National Magazine Awards honour Maclean's newsroom for website, features, humour and video production

Aug 22, 2013 - Jacob Barnett; Perimeter Institute; Paul Wells story.

Jacob Barnett was the subject of a profile by Paul Wells and a video created by Jessica Darmanin and Michelle Turingan.

The Maclean’s newsroom picked up four gold medals, one silver and 13 honourable mentions at the National Magazine Awards on June 6 in Toronto. The magazine was a top-winning title at the gala, second only to The Walrus.

The awards included Magazine Website of the Year, a recognition that celebrates the work of the newsroom’s writers, editors, photographers, designers and IT/UX producers.



Paul Wells, Jessica Darmanin and Michelle Turingan won awards for their work telling the story of the remarkable Jacob Barnett. Diagnosed with severe autism as a child, Barnett is now one of the world’s most promising physicists. The feature story from last fall became a top read on the site in 2013.

Darmanin and Turingan collaborated on a video that told the story of Barnett and his family:


Scott Feschuk, host of the magazine awards, received a gold medal in the Humour category.


Feschuk’s award-winning column considers how the newsmakers of 2013 might approach the making of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich:
Assemble ingredients. Pause dramatically

The Cool Jobs feature in Maclean’s 2014 Guide to Jobs in Canada received a silver medal for Kim Honey, Colin Campbell, Andrew Tolson, Natalie Castellino and Stephen Gregory.

Maclean’s also earned honourable mentions in the following categories:

Editorial Package: Web
One Step From Death: Elliot Lake Mall Collapse
Michael Friscolanti, writer
Sue Allan, Jason Kirby, editors
Jessica Darmanin, art director
Contributors: Paul Watson, Michelle Turingan

Hadfield Twitterverse
Amanda Shendruk, illustrator
Sue Allan and Lindsey Wiebe, editors
Amanda Shendruk, art director

Words and Pictures:
Barbara Amiel
Barbara Amiel, 1979

Show and Tell
Amanda Shendruk

Tease of the Day
Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Colby Cosh

Health and medicine
Let the Rhythm Take Control
Carolyn Abraham

The Sleep Crisis
Luiza Ch. Savage

Politics and public interest
Putin’s Last Stand
Michael Petrou

He’s Back
John Geddes

Rob Ford’s Appetite for Destruction
Nicholas Köhler

Science technology and the environment
Planet hunting
Kate Lunau

Magazine covers
Stephen Gregory for a cover featuring Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Sportsnet magazine was named Tablet Magazine of the Year. A complete list of the 2014 winners is here.