Man accused in election-night shooting reaches out to media again

MONTREAL – The man charged in Quebec’s election-night shooting is reaching out to the media again from his jail cell.

Richard Henry Bain faces numerous charges, including first-degree murder and is being held in custody as his case makes its way through the courts.

Stage technician Denis Blanchette died in back of the the hall of a club where Premier Pauline Marois was delivering her Parti Quebecois victory speech last Sept. 4.

The premier has said she believes she was the target of a political assassination.

In a tape sent to various media by Dan Sweeney, who was identified by Bain in court this week as his spokesman, a man believed to be Bain is heard saying he went to the club ”so Marois would not make her speech.”

The man also says on the tape he had plans to buy ammunition on the day of the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum.

Bain has tried contacting various media over the last several months.

He appeared in court this week and was told by a judge he has three weeks to decide if he wants to hire a lawyer or represent himself.

His court appearances have frequently been marked by political diatribes — against the independence of Quebec and in favour of the separation of Montreal.

He has also complained about documents in his case not having been translated into English, which has caused several delays.

He has been declared mentally fit to stand