Manitoba may school may change its mind and allow posters for gay alliance

STEINBACH, Man. – A high school student in Manitoba who has been leading a charge for gay rights may soon get his wish.

Evan Wiens was recently allowed to set up a gay-straight alliance group at his school in Steinbach, but was told he could not put up posters to promote the group.

Wiens appealed to the regional school division Tuesday evening in a closed-door meeting, and said the hearing went well.

Later, board superintendent Randy Dueck said a decision had been made, but he would not comment until the board talks to Wiens again on Wednesday.

Wiens, who just turned 17, has become the focal point of a battle over Manitoba’s proposed anti-bullying law.

The law would require schools to let students set up gay-straight alliances if they so wish, and some religious leaders and politicians have called the idea a violation of freedom of religion.