Mother says she didn't check if baby was alive before tossing it out -

Mother says she didn’t check if baby was alive before tossing it out


CALGARY – A Calgary mother charged with killing two of her newborns admitted to police that she gave birth to a child and tossed it in the garbage without checking whether the baby was alive.

Meredith Borowiec, who is 31, told police she had the child in 2008 and she didn’t even look to see whether it was a boy or a girl before she wrapped the tot in a towel and put it in a garbage bag.

Borowiec was charged after another newborn was saved from a Dumpster outside the woman’s home in 2010.

She is charged with attempted murder in that case and second-degree murder in the deaths of two other babies investigators believe she had earlier.

In a video interview with police being played in court, Borowiec said she kept her pregnancies secret from co-workers by telling them she appeared pregnant because she had cysts on her uterus.

Borowiec sobbed while sitting in the docket watching the interview.

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