5 at 5: Suspect in Calgary mass stabbing is son of police officer

5 at 5: Suspect in Calgary mass stabbing is son of police officer

Also, Boston remembers, a tribute to Flaherty, Ukraine takes action and get your Google Glass today

Calgary police chief Rick Hanson holds a press conference regarding the multiple fatal stabbing in Calgary on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. The suspect in the stabbing deaths of five young people in Calgary is the son of a senior officer with the city police force. Hanson says the arrested man is a student at the University of Calgary and was an invited guest at a house party celebrating the end of the school year. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Larry MacDougal

Calgary police chief Rick Hanson holds a press conference regarding the multiple fatal stabbing in Calgary on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. (Larry MacDougal/CP)

Suspect in mass Calgary stabbing is son of a police officer. Police say they have a man in his 20s in custody after an overnight stabbing at a house party near the University of Calgary that left four men and one woman dead. Speaking at a news conference, police chief Rick Hanson said that the man is the son of a veteran police officer. Police expect to lay first-degree murder charges. The victims were all in their 20s and the were all “good kids,” Hanson said. The man knew the victims and was an invited guest at the party, police said. The victims’ names have not yet been released. The Calgary Herald has identified the suspect as Matthew de Grood.

Boston remembers on one-year anniversary of marathon bombings. Two ceremonies commemorated the Boston Marathon bombing which, one year ago today, killed three people and injured more than 260 others when two bombs went off near the finish line of the race. At the first ceremony, victims’ families laid wreaths near the two bombing sites. Later in the day, hundreds gathered at a Boston convention centre to remember those who lost their lives, and to celebrate the efforts of those who helped treat the victims. “You have become the face of America’s resolve, not unlike what happened in 9/11 … for the whole world to see,” Vice-President Joe Biden told the crowd. At 2:49 p.m., the time the first bomb went off, Biden joined others near the finish line to observe a moment of silence before raising the American flag. One of the suspects in the bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, remains in custody awaiting trial. He has pleaded not guilty. His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was also a suspect, but was killed during a police manhunt in the days after the bombing.

Visitation for Jim Flaherty begins. State funeral to be held tomorrow. Hundreds of mourners paid their respects to Flaherty Tuesday, as his casket was laid out in his hometown of Whitby, Ont. Many wore green as a tribute to Flaherty, who was proud of his Irish heritage. On Wednesday, Flaherty’s body will be moved to Toronto for a state funeral, beginning at 3 p.m., which will be attended by the Prime Minister and leaders of both the NDP and the Liberals. Flaherty, 64, died suddenly in Ottawa last week of a suspected heart attack, just a month after he stepped down as finance minister. He leaves behind his wife, Christine Elliott, who is an MPP in Ontario, and triplet adult sons.

Ukraine begins “anti-terrorist operation.” Ukraine’s President Olexander Turchynov says the country has began an “anti-terrorist operation” against the pro-Russian forces that have occupied government properties and are causing unrest in the eastern part of the country. After making the announcement he said the airbase at Kramatorsk had been “liberated” from these terrorists. The situation in eastern Ukraine remains tenuous. Russian troops have massed on the border, creating fear that the Ukrainian push back against pro-Russian groups could cause Russia to take military action.

Google Glass for sale. For one day only. Get them before you can’t get them anymore! Google is offering its Glass for sale on April 15 to the general public (in the U.S. only). Before today, versions of the wearable computer were only available to a select number of Glass testers who were selected with a special invitation. Anyone who wants to buy today needs a U.S. address and $1,500 to spend on the eyewear. Prescription lenses are available for the glasses, but at an additional cost. If the $1,500 is still a bit steep, CNET advises waiting a bit. There’s a rumour that a less expensive version of Google Glass will be more widely available by the end of the year.