Maclean's launches Chatter, your must-read morning news

Maclean’s launches Chatter, your must-read morning news

What you need to know when you wake up every morning


Maclean’s wants you to wake up to the news you need to know. We’ve teamed up with GlobalPost, a digital news agency that reports from all over the world, to give you a morning news fix that you can digest in the time it takes to brew your first cup of coffee.

Every morning, make Chatter part of your routine. GlobalPost gives you three perspectives of the day’s headlines: the international news you need to follow; glimpses into more in-depth analysis of stories that matter; and a zany story that you won’t believe. Beside each brief, you’ll find the work of Maclean’s writers that matters every morning. We think Chatter will have you all caught up before you finish that first coffee.

Check for the updated Chatter every day at 8 a.m.

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