The year’s most fascinating people: A peek at our 2015 Newsmakers issue

A peek at Maclean’s 2015 Newsmakers issue

As we do every year, our writers and columnists take a fond and opinionated look at a year of bests, worsts, and fascinating people


NEWSMAKERS 2015 edition of Maclean's

It was a year of tunnels and legendary bat flips. It was the year of “manspreading” and “ghosting,” of selfie stick backlash, and that damn dress (for the record, it was blue-and-black!). It was a year in which shame got its 15 minutes of fame, from Ashley Madison to the return of Monica Lewinsky. In North America, it was a year of one election and the ramping-up to another—and two big-name candidates with remarkable hair. On the world stage, it was a year of drama, tragedy—and heroism.

Maclean’s was there through it all, and in our (New and Improved!) annual Newsmakers issue, our writers and columnists take a fond—and opinionated—look back at the year that was. We bring you the people behind the year’s highlights and lowlights:

  • Paul Wells on the Maclean’s 2015 Newsmaker of the Year
  • Profiles of the year’s biggest newsmakers in entertainment, politics, sports, business and more, by Anne Kingston, Charlie Gillis, Jonathon Gatehouse, Chris Sorensen, Nicholas Köhler and more
  • The inimitable Scott Feschuk on how 2015’s biggest Newsmakers would make a sandwich
  • Jaime J. Weinman, Brian Bethune, Adrian Lee, Kate Lunau and others spout off on the best and worst moments in TV, movies, books, music, art and science


  • The first-ever Maclean’s year-end politics crossword
  • A special economy-themed edition of Snakes and Ladders—play along!
  • The year’s most surreal moments in real estate.
  • The “it” trend on the red carpet, in which nothing is the new something
  • An homage to the most controversial tech tool of the year
  • The year in hashtags

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