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Think you're a trivia champ? Try our Quiz, and take on our Genius

This week on the Maclean's Quiz, we tested Peter Dyakowski on everything from federal politics to sports. Can you beat his 80 per cent?

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Welcome back to the Maclean’s Quiz, a diversion designed by Terrance Balazo to test your trivia skills. Good luck, and remember: no Internet assistance allowed.

We’ve also invited the Maclean’s Genius, Peter Dyakowski, to take the quiz. Dyakowski is a lineman with the CFL’s Hamilton Ticats who also bested the competition in CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person contest in 2012. And we don’t call him our genius for nothing—he solved the viral Singapore brain teaser that had been stumping the Internet. (And during his workout, no less!)

This week, we tested Dyakowski on everything from federal politics to world capitals, from sauce names to sports teams. How did he do? “I take serious issue with question 14,” he said, stating this would be the only time he’d stick up for the rival Saskatchewan Roughriders and B.C. Lions. “The CFL is truly a trailblazer.” He scored 80 per cent, anyway.

Ready to try your hand? Click here to take the Quiz.