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Lena Dunham on Vogue and a very short career for Patrick Brazeau

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Lady Gaga (left) and Donatella Versace attend a Versace fashion show in Paris. Gaga was named the face of the spring-summer line (Zacharie Scheurer/AP)

Patrick Brazeau

The suspended senator’s career as a journalist is over after just 11?2 columns. Brazeau was hired by the Halifax-based Frank magazine in December, with editor Andrew Douglas hailing Brazeau as a “pain in the arse” to Conservative senators. But last week, Douglas apologized to readers for exposing them to Brazeau’s “narcissistic ramblings,” lamenting that Brazeau was unreliable and that there “wasn’t anything new” in what the senator had to say. Brazeau had been denied admission into the parliamentary press gallery on account of the fact that he was, even while suspended, still a senator.

Lena Dunham

After the website Jezebel offered a $10,000 bounty for un-airbrushed pictures of the plus-sized Girls writer-director—who is on the latest cover of Vogue billed as the “new queen of comedy”— the HBO star shot back. “I don’t understand why, Photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl could be a bad thing,” Dunham told Slate. Jezebel’s move ignited a firestorm of criticism, though it did receive six untouched photos within two hours.

Tom and Victoria Sestito

Before last Saturday’s Canucks- Flames brawl, Vancouver enforcer Tom Sestito was involved in a different kind of donnybrook. He’d incurred 27 minutes in penalties in a single, one-second-long appearance on the ice against the Los Angeles Kings, and ESPN’s Keith Olbermann mocked the player as a “boxing hobo on skates,” awarding him the next day’s title as the “worst person in the sports world.” Victoria Sestito duly jumped in to defend her brother via Twitter. “$7,268 for 1 second of work,” she chided Olbermann. “That’s probably just a little bit more than your liberal left-wing ass makes.” For his part, Tom thanked Olbermann for the recognition.


Leave it to a Canadian to make the best Rob Ford quip in recent memory. Although Saturday Night Live previously tried—and failed—to skewer Toronto’s scandal-plagued mayor, it was hometown hero Drake (a.k.a. Aubrey Graham) kicking off his debut hosting/musical performance duties on SNL who delivered the ultimate Ford bon mot: “The city of Toronto: where the rappers are polite and the mayor smokes crack.” The opening line wasn’t the rapper’s only victory, as he carried the NBC show to its third- best ratings this season.

Prince Charles and Camilla

What’s more exciting than a royal visit to Canada in May? A royal tour to the parts of Canada that don’t always get visited. True, they are the Prince of Wales and the duchess of Cornwall, not the young, media-hip royals, but, as compensation, the pair will go to three provinces that don’t always get attention: Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Charles hasn’t set foot in the latter two provinces in 30 years, back when he was the young, media-hip royal.