Peter MacKay in U.S. capital meeting with Chuck Hagel, John McCain

WASHINGTON – Defence Minister Peter MacKay is in the U.S. capital today meeting with his American counterpart, Chuck Hagel, and bestowing an honorary doctorate upon Sen. John McCain.

MacKay was also scheduled to make a speech to representatives of the Inter-American Defense Board, an international organization devoted to defence and security issues, and the Organization of American States.

During his meeting with Hagel, MacKay and the new American defence secretary will sign the Caribbean Defence Co-operation Framework, an agreement meant to guide Canada-U.S. development efforts in Caribbean countries.

They’re also expected to discuss NORAD and the reorganization of NATO.

At the Canadian embassy, MacKay will present McCain, the Arizona Republican who ran for president in 2008, with an honorary doctorate of military science from the Royal Military College of Canada.

McCain is being recognized for his “dedication to our countries’ bilateral relationship and to his extensive work in promoting international security,” MacKay’s office said in a release.