Police uncover huge weapons stockpile in Bancroft home, including a small cannon

TORONTO – Police in eastern Ontario have seized a huge stockpile of weapons — including assault rifles, land mines and a small cannon — hidden in the walls and garage of one home.

Two people, including a retired RCMP officer who was under a lifetime weapons ban, were arrested and charged after police searched the house in Bancroft, Ont., on March 7.

Provincial police and Durham Regional police officers say they found 67 weapons including machine guns, assault rifles, smoke grenades, prohibited crossbows and a 32-inch cannon along with “thousands and thousands” of rounds of ammunition.

The Department of National Defence was brought in to help remove the land mines, grenades, detonator cords and blasting caps.

Police say they found machining equipment in the garage along with illegal, converted and altered weapons, silencers, prohibited magazines, homemade manufactured assault rifles and pistols with no serial numbers.

David Kift, 55, is facing several weapons offences and has been remanded into custody, while Marion Kift, 53, facing similar charges, has been released on bail.