Supreme Court ruling halts New Brunswick Senate elections

Premier David Alward said his government is examining the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling

FREDERICTON – Premier David Alward says a plan for Senate elections in New Brunswick is on hold while his government examines the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Senate reform.

Canada’s top court ruled last week that the federal government’s plan to impose term limits on senators and bring in an election process to choose nominees requires the consent of at least seven provinces.

New Brunswick introduced legislation in June 2012 to allow for the election of nominees to the Senate but it has been waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision before passing the bill.

Alward says he would still like to see Senate nominees elected in his province but he needs time before deciding how his government can proceed given the court’s ruling.

He says there isn’t enough time left in the current session of the provincial legislature to pass the legislation, the last session before a provincial election set for September.

Alward says his government is also focused on other issues such as health care and the economy.