Suspect in Quebec election shooting gives judge a list of requests and questions -

Suspect in Quebec election shooting gives judge a list of requests and questions


MONTREAL – The man charged in Quebec’s election-night shooting turned up in court today with a laundry list of requests and questions.

Richard Henry Bain whistled as he arrived for Day 2 of his preliminary hearing at the Montreal courthouse.

A judge is hearing evidence to determine whether Bain will have to stand trial on charges that include first-degree murder.

That evidence is subject to a temporary publication ban requested by the Crown.

But before more evidence was presented today, Bain asked Quebec court Judge Pierre Labelle about a variety of legal topics, including the possibility of applying for bail.

Bain has been representing himself since legal aid said he didn’t qualify.

He told the judge today he had written a letter to Quebec Superior Court requesting a lawyer. He was told he needed to file a motion.

Bain also asked if he was permitted to waive his right to a preliminary inquiry and go straight to trial.

He asked if he could argue to have the charges reduced from first-degree murder. Labelle replied he could once the Crown had finished its case.

Labelle patiently answered his questions and requests for 30 minutes or so. He told Bain many of the requests were outside his jurisdiction.

Then the court began hearing more testimony from a crime-scene technician.

Bain is facing 16 charges, including first-degree murder in the death of stagehand Denis Blanchette on the night of the provincial election outside the Metropolis theatre as Premier Pauline Marois delivered her victory speech to party faithful.

Bain also gave the court a two-page list of 40 names of witnesses he intends to have heard.

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