Tim Hortons appears on Netflix's 'Arrested Development'

TORONTO – Add “Arrested Development” to the list of TV shows that Tim Hortons products have surreptitiously appeared in.

Eagle-eyed fans of the quirky comedy may have spotted the company’s familiar logo in the third episode of the show’s new season, which began streaming on Netflix earlier this week.

A can of Tim Hortons coffee can be seen on a table with a tray of donuts for a few brief seconds as Tobias and Lindsay walk into what they think is an acting class. It turns out they’ve actually stepped into a meeting for drug addicts at a methadone clinic.

A Tim Hortons spokeswoman declined an interview request to talk about its latest product placement.

“I can confirm that we do proactively seek out opportunities and our product placement agency in the U.S. sends out product and merchandise to many productions,” said Alexandra Cygal in an emailed statement.

The coffee chain got a major prime-time TV close-up in February during a Canadian-themed episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

The character Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris, paid a visit to a Tim Hortons store and guest star Jason Priestley spoke of a self-made concoction he dubbed “The Priestley:” a Timbit jammed inside a strawberry vanilla doughnut.

Before that, Tim Hortons also appeared to be the take-out coffee of choice among agents on the terror-drama “Homeland.”

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