Toronto van crash: Transcript of Toronto Police statement to media

“I can assure the public that all our available resources have been brought in to address this tragic situation.”

Deputy Chief Peter Yuen of the Toronto Police Service addressed reporters Monday afternoon after a driver ran down numerous pedestrians near Toronto’s Yonge and Finch intersection. This is a transcript of what Yuen had to say about the incident:

“I’m here to relay some information to you as to what happened on Yonge Street.

“We can confirm for you tonight, right now, that we have nine people that are dead, 16 that are injured. The Toronto Police Service has mobilized all available resources. I can assure the public that all our available resources have been brought in to address this tragic situation, and to investigate this situation. I also want to assure the public that the rest of the city is adequately policed by our other resources.

“As the mayor said earlier, we will be establishing two hotlines: one is for victims and families to call for their loved ones. The other is for witnesses to call in, because this is going to be a complex investigation. Toronto Police Service will be here for a number of days to shut down a busy stretch of Toronto. But this is what is required, because this is going to be a long investigation. We have multiple witnesses. We have a lot of surveillance cameras. And, namely, at 1:30 this afternoon there were a lot of pedestrians out, lot of witnesses just enjoying the sunny afternoon.

“So we’re urging anyone who saw anything, please, call Crimestoppers or call Toronto Police Service and let us know. Those two hotline numbers will be published very shortly on our website, through social media and through Twitter.

So please stay tuned. The chief is on his way back to Toronto. He will be addressing the media later on tonight. So there will be more information to follow later on tonight. At this stage I ask the city of Toronto to pray for our victims, and also to assist the Toronto Police Service in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion. As I stated earlier we have one person in custody and the investigation is ongoing. That’s all I’m prepared to say right now. Thank you.”