Newsmakers: Wheel of fortune

Money makes the world go round. It can also break our hearts, win us karma (good or bad) and make some of us act just a little bit crazy.

$1.65 Cost of tea expensed by consultant Donna Strating, who also billed the Ontario government $2,700 a day for services

$51.69 Paltry back taxes owed by American Jean Castro earn him a court-approved foreclosure—later withdrawn

$350 Child support paid by T.O. millionaire. Deemed too low, it’s hiked by almost a hundredfold, to $31,015 a month.

$16,000 Sum paid by N.Z. toddler for backhoe bought online using mom’s website log-ins

$30,000 Opening bid on eBay for billets-doux from Prince Charles to Canuck love Janet Jenkins

$175,000 Salary and benefits for Warren Buffett, the world’s No. 2 billionaire, still at modest 2007 level

$800,000 Wife’s secret bank- account balance, revealed to hubby by Chase worker. Wife sues bank.

$2,300,000 Money stolen in armoured car heist allegedly carried out by Quebec family. Their lavish spending draws police attention—and charges.

$3,000,000 Money returned to TD Bank by CEO Ed Clark—it’s more than a quarter of his $11-million compensation

$6,000,000 Value of con run by cop Paul Page while working at Buckingham Palace

$49,851,871 6/49 jackpot won by 13 Edmonton payroll clerks working on 13th floor; each pockets $3.8 million