Danger zone: satire ahead

The Beygairat Brigade has struck a chord among disillusioned Pakistanis.

Danger zone: satire ahead


The Beygairat Brigade, or Shameless Brigade, has struck a chord among disillusioned Pakistanis. The band from Lahore recently uploaded a video to YouTube for a satirical song called Aalu Anday, named after a frequently served potato and egg curry. It’s highly critical of the state, implying it offers the people the same corruption and lack of accountability day after day. The video closes with band member Ali Aftaab Saeed holding a placard that reads: “If you want a bullet through my head, like this song.” It has more than 200,000 views on YouTube. “We really wanted to become a voice of the silent majority, which never gets to say what they really want to say,” Saeed told Public Radio International’s The World.

It’s the latest iteration of Pakistani satire to gain attention of late. The government recently banned a play called Burqavaganza, which is critical of the burka as well as bureaucratic secrecy. According to the New York Times, the Ministry of Culture said the play “pollutes young minds.” One wonders what the Beygairat Brigade thinks of that.

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