UFOS and the U.S. Air force

Alien interference
Jane Switzer
UFOS and the U.S. Air force
Chip Simons/Getty Images

Aliens have visited Earth, penetrated American nuclear missile sites, and sabotaged weapons, according to seven retired U.S. military officers. The men claim to have gathered testimony from more than 120 military personnel revealing alien interference at nuclear weapons sites as early as 1948, and described their encounters at a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington last week.

According to an official statement, the U.S. Air Force investigated UFOs from 1947 to 1969 but concluded that there was no evidence that “unidentified” sightings should be classified as extraterrestrial. Capt. Robert Salas claims otherwise, and said at the news conference he’s seen UFOs succeed in disabling nuclear missiles. Salas says he was on duty as a weapons controller at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967 when he had his first encounter with a “reddish pulsating oval-shaped object.” The base’s missiles temporarily went offline, and Salas thinks the aliens were trying to send a message about nukes: “My interpretation is, get rid of them because it’s going to mean our destruction.”