Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty resigns, prorogues legislature

1. The Legislature has been prorogued. 2. Dalton McGuinty is resigning as premier and party leader
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, right, is pictured at a news conference at Queens Park in Toronto on Friday, June 15, 2012. The premier spoke to reporters about his threat to call for an election over the Ontario budget. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Ontario Premier McGuinty resigns, prorogues legislature

At an emergency caucus meeting on Monday evening, the Premier of Ontario made two surprise announcements in this order: 1. The Legislature has been prorogued. 2. He is resigning as premier and party leader. Reporters and politicians were caught off guard by the announcements:

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A buzz in the gov’t caucus room in anticipation of remarks from @Dalton_McGuinty at 6:15 #sl http://pic.twitter.com/beqaNj40Steven D’Souza
McGuinty’s stepping down, I bet you anything. #throwinthechipsAmy Zhou
RT @CPnewsboy: Liberal caucus and media await @Dalton_McGuinty and his surprise announcement? #onpoli http://pic.twitter.com/NyOzcgkXMax B. Rubin
Seats reserved — allegedly for @Dalton_McGuinty family members — at Liberal caucus. #onpoli http://pic.twitter.com/mtMWRt4E Robert Benzie
.@Dalton_McGuinty with wife Terri. #onpoli http://pic.twitter.com/q70Ig6nd Robert Benzie
Online speculation is dalton Mcguinty will stand down. No official word yet #tbayJeff Labine
And finally @Dalton_McGuinty arrives at his caucus mtg. #onpoli http://pic.twitter.com/hKH4vcSlRob Ferguson
Standing ovation for @Dalton_McGuinty as he enters caucus room with his wife #sl http://pic.twitter.com/d70GLcooSteven D’Souza
McGuinty starts talking about his history with party….the suspense continues #sl http://pic.twitter.com/dewrEnc9Steven D’Souza
.@Dalton_McGuinty says it’s time "to talk about the next step we need to take together." #onpoli #voteon http://pic.twitter.com/b6MPPfIi Robert Benzie
"We’ve always gotten the big things right" McGuinty addressing emergency caucus meeting #onpoli http://pic.twitter.com/RJEcCvouAshley Csanady
This is the most boring ‘breaking news’ that I’ve even seen. Say something McGuinty!Erik R. Adler
Premier McGuinty prorogues the house in Ontario.Mike Villeneuve
And then … the news: 
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Dalton McGuinty, oh man.Michael Desjardins
McGuinty will speak to reporters at 8:30 p.m. Keep watch on our site for continuining coverage of this story.