Who gets what through the community water and wastewater fund?

Infrastructure Canada reveals what each province is poised to receive

OTTAWA — The federal government promises new money for provinces and cities to upgrade aging water and sewer pipes, and to pay for design and construction costs of new projects. Here is the total amount each province will receive through the community water and wastewater fund:

Newfoundland and Labrador: $70.6 million

Prince Edward Island: $55.7 million

Nova Scotia: $86.9 million

New Brunswick: $79.4 million

Quebec: $363.8 million

Ontario: $569.6 million

Manitoba: $95.3 million

Saskatchewan: $89.3 million

Alberta: $196.7 million

British Columbia: $225.1 million

Yukon: $51.4 million

Northwest Territories: $51.7 million

Nunavut: $51.3 million

Total: $1.986 billion

(Source: Infrastructure Canada)

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