"A bit rich"

From the Inkless emailbox, this missive from Ryan Sparrow at the Conservative war room:

“It’s a bit rich for Michael Ignatieff to be talking about the creditbility of election platforms.  It has been 6 days since Michael Ignatieff released his election platform.  Here are the major uncosted items:

” • HST funding for Quebec (Cost — $2.2 billion)

“• New Champlain Bridge (Cost — $1 billion according to Ignatieff)

“• Arenas for professional sports (Cost — unknown.  The Quebec City arena is estimated at $400 million. How many more arenas is he planning to build/fund?)

“• Pharmacare (Cost — Estimated at between $6.6 and $10.3 billion by 2006 Federal-Provincial study)

“• High speed rail (Cost — $18 billion for a Quebec City-Windsor route according to 1995 study.  Obviously the cost would be much more in 2011 dollars)

“Michael Ignatieff has made at least $28 billion in uncosted spending promises in this campaign, even before the costs of his arena program are factored in.    He has no credibility on the numbers; or the economy.”

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