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‘A path to a widely-embraced resolution’


The National Statistics Council has released a statement responding to the latest steps in the census dance, in part noting the government’s “recognition that the voluntary National Household Survey will not meet the requirements for robust and accurate small-area data (e.g. data related to the use of Canada’s Official Languages) that can only be provided through a mandatory instrument.”

In? the? short ?term,? we? believe ?that ?there? is ?an ?opportunity? by? making ?the? National? Household ?Survey ?compulsory?to:

• Save ?significant ?sums ?of ?money.
• Reduce? respondent? burden? on? Canadians? as? the? number ?of ?people ?asked ?to? complete ?the? long?form? will? be reduced? from ?30% ?of? the ?population ?to? 20%.
• Provide ?the ?accurate? benchmarking ?information? needed? to ?ensure? that ?Stats ?Can? and ?other ?data ?users?–?public,?voluntary? or? private?–?can? gather? subsequent? information.
• Give? vital ?information ?needed ?for ?small ?area ?or ?neighbourhood? uses,? including ?housing, ?health ?and?transportation ?planning.

The? National? Statistics ?Council? is ?eager ?to ?work ?with ?the ?government ?and ?Canada ?on ?an ?urgent ?basis ?to ?achieve?these ?important? short?term ?goals.