A peek inside Rob Anders' imagination

A Conservative MP worries about government funded heroin injections for children

As part of a Halloween-themed statement delivered before QP this afternoon, Conservative MP Rob Anders conveyed the following to the House (emphasis mine).

Mr. Speaker, Halloween is approaching, and Albertans fear a repeat of scary National Energy program thinking.

The NDP wants to suck the life out of us with a $21 billion carbon tax. Those socialist bloodsuckers want to impale us with a gas tax of 10¢ a litre.

Then there is this evil Liberal name that haunts us still and wants to hand out drugs to our kids. This ghost of the NDP wants to acquire heroin with taxpayer money and inject it into the veins of Canada’s children.

What’s not scary is our Conservative government’s recent trade agreement with the EU. This will benefit Albertans by increasing the demand for agriculture products, especially opening the door for our barley farmers.

This will also provide better access to European clothing and many other products at a reasonable price.

While the opposition parties continue with their scary policies, our Conservative government continues to work toward improving Canada’s economy.

One hesitates to speculate about which actual issue of public policy Mr. Anders was invoking with that second sentence—safe injection facilities? heroin-assisted treatment?—but Kellie Leitch might at least be thankful that her suggestion that the NDP’s Libby Davies was “pro-heroin” now seems rather tactful by comparison.

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