A reader writes

Under the subject line “Election — CPC convention scuppered,” this email landed in the Inkless inbox tonight:

“They canned last year’s [planned Conservative Party convention — pw] and i cannot help but think the decision to call an election now may, in some small way, motivated by the notorious control freak’s desire to avoid a party gathering with the full policy platform to be fleshed out in public, and all the embarrasing possible permutations that could erupt therefrom.  Because things like so-con attempts to hijack the agenda would be to a large extent out of his control and gleefully reported by the Star and Globe.”

Just thought I’d throw that into the mix. Stephen Harper’s election call has driven a lot of speculation, but I haven’t read this theory before. I agree with the writer that it would only play “in some small way,” if it did, but it’s a fun theory.

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