Advance warning

The National Post reported on June 9, 2005 that Karla Homolka, due at the time to be paroled, hoped to one day receive a pardon—Ms. Homolka apparently said so to a Corrections Service psychologist in 2001, that psychologist’s report was then filed in a Quebec court in 2005. The Canadian Press followed with its own report on June 28, 2005. Ms. Homolka was released on July 4, 2005.

Seven months after that, Stephen Harper became prime minister.

And four years and two months after that, Mr. Harper decided that Ms. Homolka’s potential pardon was a cause for great concern.

Ms. Homolka will be eligible to apply for a pardon in July. Mr. Harper’s Public Safety Minister says his staff is working “very quickly” and reportedly hopes, at the latest, to have new legislation ready by the fall.

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