Alberta vs. Ottawa

Brent Rathgeber pans David McGuinty’s comments.

This attempt of pitting region against region and Alberta against Ottawa is unhelpful.  When the energy sector is healthy, not only does it create wealth for Albertans, it creates prosperity for all Canadians.  We are all in this together.  As a Member of Parliament from Alberta, the health of the Alberta energy sector and the Canadian economy are certainly worth defending and fighting for.

And celebrates the Grey Cup.

Yesterday was the 100th Grey Cup—the championship of Canadian Football, pitting East against West.  The Grey Cup, unlike recent political attempts to wedge Alberta versus Ottawa or Alberta verses the rest of Canada, celebrates rivalries in a positive and unifying way.

The Conservatives used two members’ statements and one friendly question to attack Justin Trudeau this afternoon.

Somehow a computer simulation needs to be created so that we can see what would happen if Brent Rathgeber was able to moderate a debate on Alberta, Quebec and federalism between Justin Trudeau of 2010 and Stephen Harper of 2000.

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