And that's the kind of 58 years it's been -

And that’s the kind of 58 years it’s been


Big news — maybe. Former TV producer Howard Bernstein (via @DavidAkin) with a “very trustworthy rumour” — Lloyd Robertson is stepping down after the Olympics.

It seems the CTV Olympic coverage has resulted in a major casualty for the network. Lloyd Robertson has gone to CTV brass and told them the workload is too onerous…

I am told he has called for a meeting with the CTV bosses that will take place on March 3rd. At this meeting he is expected to resign his post as the CTV News anchor.

CTV is preparing for the loss of “Canada’s most trusted news anchor.” Insiders say the network will replace Lloyd with a two-person desk. It seems they cannot make up their minds as to whether Tom Clark or Lisa Laflamme should be Lloyd’s replacement. So the two will share Lloyd’s duties for the foreseeable future. The way it was described to me it will be a sort of contest. The news reader that the audience responds to will eventually take over the sole anchor position, the loser will go back to reporting.

A two-person elimination challenge? Co-anchors exchanging on-screen happy talk while in simultaneous death match? Yeah, that’ll work swell.

UPDATE: As you were. Lloyd tells CKNW‘s Bill Good it’s all a false alarm. Calls the rumour a “work of fiction.”

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