UPDATED "... And the buses will run on time! Well, they'll run, at least."

I know nobody outside Ottawa cares about our weird little transit strike, other than to idly wonder why the federal government has to get involved in a spat between the city and the union, but apparently, the end may be nigh: both the Liberals and the NDP have tentatively agreed to support back-to-work legislation, although it’s likely that it would be in the form of binding arbitration, as opposed to a forced settlement. Anyway, we’ll find out during the emergency debate later tonight.


And it’s over! The city and the union agreed to binding arbitration, so the rest of the country can feel free to resume not caring about our sad little Ottawan lives. Oh, and I hope we all thoroughly enjoyed Rona Ambrose’s fleeting moment in the spotlight, since that’s probably the last time we’ll see her on the news.