Another very long night beckons -

Another very long night beckons


Kady O’Malley tallies 665 amendments to C-45 so far tabled for consideration in the House. Elizabeth May previously figured she’d have 100 amendments, so that total may yet increase slightly.

That list will then probably be winnowed down somewhat, but a second vote marathon seems impending.

Update 12:11pm. The notice paper lists 1,662 amendments tabled so far.

Update 1:21pm. The NDP says it has 411 amendments or changes to propose. The Liberals are up to 1,373. If Ms. May comes through with about a hundred, the Speaker will have about 1,900 to consider. We’ll apparently learn tomorrow how many votes will result from all of this—keeping in mind that there could be duplication, some motions might be ruled out of order and others will be grouped together for voting.