'Artificially priced milk'

Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber considers the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly and the future of supply management.

It is difficult to justify maintaining a sector of our economy that is protected from competition thanks to a government-sanctioned system that restricts supply to ensure a higher price.  There are 34 Million Canadian consumers but less than 14,000 dairy farmers, 3,000 poultry producers and 1,000 egg farmers.

Possible entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership is going to necessitate a critical examination of supply management.  I do not represent any of the 14,000 dairy farmers who benefit from supply management; I do, however, represent 140,000 consumers of their artificially priced milk.  Their interest also necessitates a critical review.

As the grain farmers near Kindersley can attest, grain and beef farmers in Western Canada have proven that they can successfully compete without a government-sanctioned cartel.

In their campaign platform and Throne Speech, the Conservatives vowed to continue to support and defend supply management.

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