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‘As a medical doctor yourself’


Liberal MPs Hedy Fry and Carolyn Bennett—both doctors—challenge Conservative MP Kellie Leitch to join other doctors in opposing the Harper government’s cuts to health care for refugees.

As the only medical doctor in the Conservative Caucus it is incumbent upon you to examine the evidence and not be blinded by ideology. Indeed, as a medical doctor yourself, you have a special responsibility to your fellow human beings to protect health, provide sympathetic care, to prevent disease.

It is time you respected this duty. It is time you listened to the medical profession and the provinces and protect the most vulnerable in our society. It is time that you stand up for refugees and tell your caucus, the cabinet and the Prime Minister to reverse this reprehensible injustice.

Dr. Leitch responds via the CBC.

In a statement to CBC News, Leitch said the changes are “fair and necessary.” … Leitch, who represents the Ontario riding of Simcoe-Grey, referred to the open letter by the Liberals as an example of their “increasing desperation.”

Dr. Leitch was previously challenged to oppose her government’s policy on asbestos exports.