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The Canada Jobs Grant is panned

The Canada Jobs Grant, the theoretical proposal that the Harper government is already advertising, is panned by the Ontario government, while Michael Mendelson and Noah Zon seem even less impressed.

Beyond the intergovernmental issues and the impact on provincial budgets, the proposed Canada Job Grant is deeply flawed public policy. The program is likely to deliver inferior results at higher costs compared to the programs under the current Labour Market Agreements that it would displace. It would remain out of reach to many of the unemployed and underemployed Canadians it is intended to serve. It would also be unlikely to address the needs of those employers and sectors unable to hire the skilled workers they need. The provinces are understandably reluctant to sign on under terms like these.

Which is not to suggest that the government’s advertising is thus a questionable investment. As Labour Minister Lisa Raitt explained last month, the ads are helping to make people feel better about their potential.

Mr. Speaker, I am delighted to answer the question. That allows me to talk about a fantastic measure in our new economic action plan 2013. That is the Canada job grant. Indeed, because we think it is such a great program, we believe it is important to communicate it to all Canadians so that they can see themselves, or see their own potential, in those commercials.

I think it is very important that in those ads we see young women wearing hard hats. Women are an under-represented group in the trades. We are promoting their presence and will continue to.