Ask a simple question -

Ask a simple question


From QP this afternoon, a classic of the genre

Bob Rae. Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives cannot even answer an interesting, clear, factual question. A poll was commissioned by the Conservative Party. The Conservative candidate said, “It was not me; it was the party”. The government House leader said, “It is okay, it is just free speech”, and the Speaker of this House said, “It is reprehensible”. I am asking a very simple, direct question to the Government of Canada. Does it agree with the Speaker of this House that such a tactic, spreading false information, carrying out a poll based on a false assumption, is reprehensible? Does the government agree with that, yes or no?

Dean Del Mastro. Mr. Speaker, it is reprehensible to make baseless, unsubstantiated smears in this House. That is what the leader of the Liberal Party has undertaken for more than the past week. The leader of the Liberal Party knows full well, every household that they called, every originating phone number they called them from, and in fact when those calls were made. When will he make those phone records public, because I believe when those phone records are made public, the Liberal Party will have fingered itself for each and every one of these calls that they allege had taken place.