Ask a simple question -

Ask a simple question


Peggy Nash tries to reengage the Old Age Security debate.

Mr. Speaker, scandals are unacceptable to the NDP, just as they should be to the Conservatives. Changes to old age security are also unacceptable. Even though the Conservatives never talked about pension reform during the election campaign, they are now proposing to raise the eligibility age to 67. The Minister of Finance says that this will save money, but he does not specify how much. The question is simple: how much money will they save?

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley offered that “this is not about the how much money will be saved, but about long-term sustainability.”

The House of Commons will spend Thursday debating an NDP motion calling on the House to “reject” the government’s plan to raise the eligibility age for OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement to 67.