Au revoir (eventually), Diane Ablonczy

Another minister excuses herself and Marjory LeBreton prepares to exit too

The Conservative MP for Calgary-Nose Hill and the minister of state for foreign affairs announces she won’t seek re-election.

“However, we are in a period of transition. There will be a significant riding redistribution  prior to the next election in 2015, and because of tremendous growth in northwest  Calgary there will be drastic changes to Calgary-Nose Hill. A major part of my current  riding will become the new Calgary-Rocky Ridge. This has led many to ask whether I will  seek another term in office, and if so, in which riding.  

“As I am fully engaged in my responsibilities, I had not intended to publicly share my  decision until a year from now. However, since some of my colleagues have recently  announced that they will not seek re-election in 2015 the questions are becoming more  insistent. That puts me, my family and my staff in an uncomfortable position. I therefore  think that, especially since others beside myself are affected, this is the appropriate time  to announce that after serving twenty-two years I will be leaving the political arena in  2015.

As well, Senator Marjory LeBreton says she intends to step down as leader of the government in the Senate.

“After almost seven and a half years, I have advised the Prime Minister of my intention to step down as Leader of the Government in the Senate.

I would like to personally thank Prime Minister Harper for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to serve in his government and to be part of so many initiatives undertaken by our government on behalf of our fellow citizens, whether it be economic growth and stability, safer communities or courageous and principled foreign policy. Most of all, I want to thank him for his trust, his strong leadership and his friendship.

While I will be leaving the position of Government Leader in the Senate, I will continue to be an active member of the Conservative Caucus over the next few years. I intend to step up my efforts in support of meaningful Senate reform and also actively back the new strengthened rules we introduced regarding Senate expenses.”

Ms. Ablonczy excusing herself leaves the potential for four openings with Ted Menzies and Keith Ashfield having previously excused themselves and the voters in Labrador having excused Peter Penashue. If Vic Toews chooses to retire, there would be five open spots.

Senator LeBreton was also a member of cabinet, but will obviously be replaced by another senator.